What happens when more people flourish...

Professional Coaching brings out the best in people.

Curious about what can happen in your workplace or career with more flourishing?

I hope so.
The world needs more people flourishing.


Here are some people who already have

Katherine coached me through my most important and challenging career transition, leaving employment to start my own practice. It was invaluable having her support during this period and I highly recommend her.  - Anton

Katherine provided me with direction and continued guidance during an application writing and interview preparation process. I can truly say Katherine was extremely professional and supportive, making herself available at short notice to provide coaching and support in what I find is usually an extremely challenging experience. I truly thank Katherine for her assistance and moral support and could not recommend her more highly. - Claudio

Katherine is a rare talent - she combines sharp and extremely perceptive analysis with gentle and supportive delivery that has provided real insight to my goals and my way of seeing my future and my present. When contemplating change it often feels like jumping off a cliff - Katherine has provided me somewhere to jump to. - Sonia

I used to be attracted to what other people were doing and achieving, flitting between ideas like a butterfly attracted to different brightly coloured flowers. By working with Katherine, I learnt to see the colour in my own world and to undertake practical steps to develop this in small, grounding, everyday ways. As a result, I now feel in control of my work choices which in turn has made me more content in life.  I still love listening to what other people are doing but I don't wonder if I should be doing it as well!  Katherine is particularly patient and skilled at leading you to your own insights. - Jo

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