People flourish as leaders

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

I support sassy, high potential, emerging leaders, especially in the public sector, do leadership on their terms.

The current models of leadership are no longer fit for purpose.  As emerging leaders and high potential individuals look at our current predominant models of leadership they are increasingly turning away.  Turning away from the excessive hours, demanding workloads, isolation, and disconnection that they see in those ahead of them.  Our world can't afford for these talented, sassy, bold, inventive, creative people to turn away.  Instead we need these people to find ways to disrupt the current models and do leadership on their terms.


I currently offer three options in support of these new leaders:

1 One on One Leadership Coaching

Everyone needs a coach.  Bill Gates


As a deeply trained and experienced PCC credentialed coach I provide leadership coaching that achieves deep, lasting outcomes fast.  

Leadership coaching includes transition into leadership, issue resolution, leadership insight, decision making, authenticity, career acceleration, team development, and more...

2 Career Pair Coaching

It is peer to peer leadership and innovation that produces resilience.  Seth Godin


A major shift will occur in leadership when it is not seen as a solo event.  This coaching is for people who are ready to explore the concept of pairing their career with another for a defined period of time to bring their combined strengths to a leadership role.  

It is a unique movement that is gaining momentum, and my coaching, with my added expertise in job selections and career development, helps career pairs be pioneers in this movement.

3 Leadership Team Mental Fitness

Only 20% of teams ever achieve 80% of their potential.  Shirzad Chamine


This Team Leadership Mental Fitness program is a game changer if you are looking to have a productive, happy, cohesive, generous, Leadership Team.

This program is ideal if your leadership team is struggling with:

  • lack of trust
  • lack of transparency and collaboration
  • lack of buy in on a cohesive purpose
  • lack of engagement
  • lack of focus on top priorities
  • lack of accountability

Incorporating the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness app this program includes:

  • Book end leadership group sessions
  • Assessment of leaders saboteurs
  • Development of team and individual goals
  • Four one on one coaching sessions
  • Six weeks of app guided Mental Fitness training
  • Weekly pod consolidation 


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