About People Flourishing

FLOUR-ISH – Function: verb

To grow vigorously and healthily; to prosper, thrive, be in prime;
to be in a state of activity or production; to reach a height of development or influence

People Flourishing is about...

1. People flourishing in their current career through leadership development, job crafting and team development

2. People flourishing in their ongoing career through career success strategies, career maintenance and job selection success

Fueled by the values of generosity, curiosity, openness and positivity, and informed by the wealth of research from the science of positive psychology Katherine Street the Director of People Flourishing supports individuals in organisations to step out of the ordinary and into the intentional.


Katherine Street

Katherine Street PCC – Director

Way back in the 1980’s as a young, green, specialist in recruitment I had the extraordinary experience of interviewing a young woman who totally captivated our selection panel.  She left us in no doubt that we wanted to employ her and that she would be an outstanding employee, which she proved to be.  I had interviewed good candidates before, but had never seen quite this reaction across the entire panel. This particular candidate did not have better qualifications, experience, or skills than others.  There was just simply something about the way she presented herself that left us convinced of her capacity to apply her qualifications, experience and skills to our vacant role.  

This experience sparked a deeper sense of curiosity in me about what makes a stand out employee and a stand out job candidate. And so started a career long investigation into what it is to fit well with your career and a particular role, to present yourself well in a selection situation and what is involved in attracting and being positioned to select exceptional candidates.

Along this investigation I completed studies in psychology, coaching and counseling.  I developed a keen interest in positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and positive organisational scholarship for the deep wisdom they had to add evidenced based knowledge to the areas I was investigating.  I became passionate about applying research backed, innovative and practical solutions to workplace fit problems and I discovered some secrets to having a great career and to ensuring people flourish in bringing their best selves forward in all the work they do.  Secrets I take immense pleasure in sharing with my clients.

I also had the pleasure of building a truly engaging career for myself.  Highlights have included:

  • Guiding amazing individuals to find and feel confident in their career pathways and to be successful in securing roles on that pathway
  • Supporting countless individuals and teams through unexpected career change such as restructures, redeployments and redundancies
  • Assisting many leaders and emerging leaders to support their staff to give and be their best
  • Continuing to campaign against and bust the myths surrounding merit selection processes
  • Four years as Director of Australia on the board of the Australian Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Three years as President of the Tasmanian Branch of the ICF
  • Attainment of the prestigious Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential

I continually strive to ensure the work I do is fresh, caring, individualised and rigorous.  I bring an intentionally positive focus to all I do, noticing, leveraging and appreciating the best in individuals, teams and organisations so everyone flourishes.

And people seem to respond. Feedback such as the following is typical in the workshops, training and coaching I do:

Katherine confidently passes on her wisdom.

Great presenter, willing to listen to others and explain things further.

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and obviously had a deep understanding of the topic.

I have been fortunate to work across many government and private organisations that have included the Department of State Growth, Tasmania Fire Service, Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, Police and Emergency Management, Audrey Page and Associates, The Training Consortium, Housing Tasmania, and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

And it would be a pleasure to work with you.


Finally, a little more inspiration…

We live in a time when the wisdom of the world is at our finger tips, especially through some amazing TED Talks. Here are some that my one on one clients have found particularly useful and inspiring:


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