People flourish through change

When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.

Victor E. Frankl

The compelling vision is that everyone in an organisation is able to take advantage of and flourish through change.

Organisational redesign (change) is increasingly a constant in the workplace. Some people are able to transition smoothly and quickly to changed circumstances, gratefully grasping the opportunities that arise.  Others have a harder time.  The expertise of People Flourishing is in caring about individuals experiencing change and making it easier for them to transition successfully.

When you have large scale change occurring I will work closely with your change team to identify and implement innovative strategies that support people to get their heads and their hearts around the change. I help your leaders proactively lead change and I support your people to positively reframe change from something to fear to something to embrace.

Your people will flourish through change with:

  • One on one career/transition/resilience consultations
  • Team sessions on individual and group resilience
  • Manager coaching/training on supporting their people through change
  • Specialist, evidence based advice to your change team on positive, complex and emergent change models and processes
  • Coaching, guidance and advice for your change leaders


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