People flourish in teams

If you want to know what the future is - be part of its development.

Peter Drucker

One of the things that really drives me is creating workplaces in which people feel safe, respected and supported by those around them.  People need flourishing teams around them – Teams need flourishing people in them.

It is the little things that are the big things when it comes to creating great teams that consistently do good work and make progress on things that are important.  And it doesn’t happen by accident.  Teams need to develop social capital and be led by authentic leaders. They also need a culture in which leadership comes from all members of the team.

Teams can lose themselves looking at what is wrong and what needs fixing.  An endless spiral occurs where more and more problems can easily be found requiring more and more work and endless recriminations. When I work with teams we intentionally look for what is working, what is strong already and what they, the team, want to amplify.  Through this approach weaknesses and problems lose their significance, are easily overcome whenever they arise, and are celebrated by everyone as opportunities to learn.

Using the process of Appreciative Inquiry I support your team to flourish through:

  • Team development workshops that build social cohesion, support great leadership and identify actions for all members of the team.


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