People flourish withcoaching

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.

Bob Nardelli 

With 20+ years experience as a coach my commitment is to provide exceptional value through masterful coaching in:

  • Leadership
  • Career
  • Coaching Development
  • Coach Mentoring

Leadership Coaching

For leaders ready to accelerate their leadership to the next level.

For new leaders committed to establishing deep foundational leadership habits.

For courageous leaders exploring new perspectives and insights on their wicked problems.

Career Coaching

For those wanting to be in the drivers seat of their career development.

For individuals wanting support to make career leaps, take on big challenges, and take the less trodden pathways to success.

For those facing career bumps.

Here are some of the ways you can work with me to flourish your career.

Coaching Development Programs

Many people understand coaching, but the practice of coaching is much tricker.  This is why the programs I deliver to impart coaching skills are based on doing coaching not training coaching.

For example the Leadership Duet program pairs two leaders who, with my support, coach each other.

With in-house programs I work in teams where peer to peer coaching elevates the coaching culture of the whole team.  This program is especially valuable for teams who are pivotal in creating organisational culture and enhancing the client experience.

Coach Mentoring

As a PCC coach with the International Federation I offer mentoring for coaches on their credentialing pathway.


Commitment to my own coaching development is part of my ongoing practice as a highly credentialed coach.  I continually expand and deepen my coaching skills through ongoing training and coaching.



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