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In what ways are you quirky?

30 August 2021

In what ways are you a little different to others?

This is a useful question to ponder when considering shifts, changes, and pivots in your career.

Your quirkiness helps you stand out from the crowd and gives you insights into the types of activities you will more enjoy doing and developing.

Often the things that make you a little different from others are an indicator of your strengths.  They will often reflect the things you find relatively easy to do, yet others don't find so easy.

Take time to notice the things you do that others don't always do.  Notice the things you have energy for that others prefer to avoid.  Notice what absorbs you that others get bored doing.  Notice the topics that excite you in conversations.

Strengths are hard to spot.  When you have a strength and you use it, it usually feels quite easy to you.  So particularly notice the things that others compliment you on, as people admire strengths in others that are not natural to them.

Notice these things in comparison to the general population, rather than in comparison to the people you most hang around.  It is likely that you surround yourself with people similar to yourself and this can make it harder to spot the strengths you have.

This is not the sole knowledge you need for making future career decisions, but it is a foundational piece.  In knowing these areas of quirkiness you can better present them in selection processes.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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