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Can you still grow in the role?

20 October 2021

When considering applying for a new role a key consideration to explore is if there is development space in the role for you.

You do both yourself and the role a disservice if there isn't real development and growth for you in the role.  If you could go into a role and do it with your eyes closed, think twice.

There is always challenge in learning a new role, that is a given.  But if you know that after a couple of months there would be little or no challenge left you are sure to get bored and slip into your comfort zone.  Too much time in your comfort zone negatively impacts both your career enjoyment and you performing to your potential.

Sometimes it is a strategic move to take a sideways role on the path to something more challenging, and sometimes there are other things happening in life that make the easy role the best choice.  In most cases though the lack of challenge will lead to you bringing less new ideas and innovations, and to boredom rather than excitement about what the job will bring each day. 

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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