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Career Progression

2 September 2019

It is easy to get caught in a definition of career progression that is quite narrow.

Progressing is not only about getting a new job or advancing up the ladder.

It can also be about progressing your knowledge, or progressing your level of influence, or progressing the capacity you have to bring innovations and new ideas, or progressing the quality of your network and the workplace relationships you have.

It is up to you to decide how you define progress (and success) in your career.

But don't fall into thinking that progress is not needed.  A certain level of progress is needed just to stay current.  If you are not learning and growing you will be falling behind.

It is a nice bonus if others notice and acknowledge the progress you make, but don't rely on that.  The important thing is that you acknowledge it to yourself.  The less you rely on acknowledgement from others the more resilient and courageous you can be and the more progress you can make.

Setting goals is a neat way to ensure progress occurs.  Set yourself a goal to increase in an area such as your knowledge of an areas, the depth of a skills you have, the breath of experience you have in an area, the influence you are able to have, the appropriateness of innovations you bring, the quality of your relationships...  Just set a goal and notice the progress you make.

As always wishing you a flourishing career.


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