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Nudge Out Interview Biases

20 May 2019

The panel interviewing you will bring biases. This is inevitable, it is well known, it is poorly dealt with.  

Even members of dominant groups encounter some element of negative bias.  

Panels are getting better at bringing consciousness to their bias, but it is a hugely powerful thing to fight against.  

As an interviewee you can help.

You can nudge interviewers to remember to stay vigilant to their biases.

Research has shown that a simple comment at the beginning of the interview in which you acknowledge the important and mentally taxing job they have to do and how you appreciate the concerted effort they bring will help reset them.

Thank you for this opportunity today.  I appreciate the effort that goes into running interviews well.  You have such an important job to do.

Do it so they can be fairer with you, but also be fairer with themselves – they have a hugely important and mentally taxing job to do and a minefield of biases to navigate.

As always wishing you a flourishing career.


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