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Tell us about your leadership experience

28 January 2020

Answering this question well in an interview does not require that you have previously led a team of people.  It requires an attitude of leading from where you are.  The panel want to know that you are someone who leads because leadership is an internal decision you make day in and day out.

We all have a chance to lead by being examples:

Examples of generosity
Examples of courage
Examples of humility
Examples of standing for a principle
Examples of caring
Examples of noticing the small things
Examples of positivity
Examples of strength spotting in others (and yourself)
Examples of supporting someone to tell their story
Examples of smoothing a pathway for another
Examples of championing the talent around you
Examples of supporting learning and bringing a learning mindset
Examples of patience
Examples of opening up opportunities for others
Examples of speaking up for someone not in the room
Examples of thoughtfully challenging someone to be better

To answer the above question does not require a prior rank, or job title, or recognised position.  Having held a role that required leadership does not mean that leadership happened.  If you don't have previous leadership experience talk about when you have lead by being an example.

Use the above list to gather the examples you can talk about in interview.  Better yet, use the above list to guide your leadership development everyday.

As always wishing you a flourishing career.


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