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You may not need all the experience the employer is asking for

28 January 2020

Hiring managers and selection panels often make the mistake of conflating experience with performance.  They look at a resume and see that an applicant has a healthy number of years doing a role, or undertaking a task similar to the one they are recruiting for, then falsely believe that experience means the person will perform in the role.  

This is faulty thinking.  Experience does not predict job success.

We all know people who have been in roles for many years yet their performance is sub-standard.

What this means is that if you haven’t had experience, but are confident you can do the role, give it a go.  

The level of confidence you have though needs to not be false confidence.  It needs to be confidence built upon research into the role; confidence build upon an accurate and in-depth understanding of yourself and your skills; confidence built upon feedback you have deliberately and openly sought from others - real confidence, not just hope.

Employers may initially think they want experience, but if you sell your potential well they may just give you a go.

As always wishing you a flourishing career.


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