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You do not have 'Excellent' skills

29 May 2017

Please eliminate the following words from your résumé:



Ability to

Well developed

Highly developed

High level

Capacity to

Understanding of

You can describe yourself better and more accurately than these ‘weasel words’ that have next to no meaning in the context of your résumé.

Try words like:










Of course don’t go overboard with these adjectives either as this makes you unbelievable.  Avoid what Isaac Asimov calls the “thick layer or fatty, adjectival froth”.

Use adjectives that resonate as being true of you.  Let the person reading your résumé get an insight into who you are.

The following example for the skill of communication shows how you can give a more accurate and authentic indication of your skills.  Instead of saying you have ‘excellent communication skills’ try something like:

·      Intuitive and empathic communication style


·      Direct and targeted communication approach

Hear how the two give a very different insight?  Know yourself and represent yourself accurately to make it a truly EXCELLENT résumé.

For anyone struggling with the right adjective I have prepared a list of those that can work well in a résumé so just email me for a copy.


As ever, wishing you a flourishing career.


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