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Continue to Learn

22 June 2017

One of the 5 core principles I see that underscores career success is to continue to learn.  It is a great boost to regularly update your master résumé with professional development you have undertaken.

So many people lament there is no money or appetite from their organisation for learning.  Please don’t surrender your ongoing development to your boss or HR department.

The options for learning in our connected, digital age are mind blowing.  All you have to do is reach out and take some learning.  Many are free, most cost little. And they cover topics as diverse as Grammar to Governance and Project Managment to Programming.

Do they all give you a certified, internationally recognised qualification – no.  Will they all (even the ones that are not so good) expand your mind; give you ideas; feed into your image of yourself as a learner; make you more interesting; and expand your career capital – yes, they will.

Consider an online course – check out:

Ask friends about podcasts they value. 

Grab some headphones, get out for a walk at lunchtime and listen to the backlog of talks from: theschooloflife discover/videos AtGoogleTalks results?search_query=harvard+ commencement+speeches

There are many, many more learning opportunities out there – go get them. 

Have fun and keep learning.

As always, wishing you a Flourishing Career.



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