People flourish as teams of executives

It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.

Yogi Berra

Imagine a Leadership Team that is fueled by trust and where each member offers and accepts support from each other.

Silos, competition for resources, poor communication, fluffy vision, suspicious motives… These are hallmarks of organisations in which the Executive Team is not truly a team.  When the individuals who lead your organisation do not know, care about, or consistently work for the common good it is almost impossible for an organisation to achieve its best and flourish.

Great Executive Teams, through their example, are the inspiration for great performance throughout an organisation.  Great Executive Teams emerge when there is trust, common understanding and concern for each other as well as a focus on a shared vision.  The Executive Team Development Program I run allows your leaders to share their collective wisdom, stretch their personal development and enhance their professional relationships.

Your Executive Team will flourish though the People Flourishing 6 month program that includes:

  • A series of intentional conversations that have them connect genuinely and authentically with each other
  • Provision of personal and professional development resources
  • Monthly action ideas to extend their learning
  • Inclusion of a reflective practice
  • A chance to participate in a Reciprocity Ring
  • A workshop to explore the best of themselves as a team


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