Career matters

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antigone de Saint-Exupery



Show up in ways that make a difference. 

We know that a flourishing career is characterised by self-vision and self-leadership, progress in the direction you want, expansion of your comfort zone, and attention to the small things that are really the big things.

Bringing greater flourishing to your career takes work.  When you learn how to work on, not just in your career you discover insights that make career success easier and more fulfilling.

The Career Matters suite of programs are designed for you to learn, be inspired, and accelerate success as you navigate through your career – dealing with unexpected career change, making clear career decisions, transitioning into new roles, particularly if you are a leader, or just winning jobs you think may have been tough to get.

Career Coaching

  • Model for career decision making
  • Alignment of well being and career
  • Resources targeted for your need
  • Support to take sustainable action

6 telephone or face to face sessions

$1800 plus GST

Job Application

  • Résumé review and sculpting
  • Writing framework
  • Identification of your core messages
  • Up to 3 document reviews

2 telephone or face to face sessions

$800* plus GST


  • Your ideal interview preparation process
  • Question answering framework
  • Intensive practice with actionable feedback
  • Beyond the interviewer’s questions

4 telephone or face to face sessions

$1200* plus GST

Leadership Transition

  • Identification of leadership strengths
  • Pivotal first steps for success
  • Issue coaching and action identification
  • Targeted resources for your situation

4 telephone or face to face sessions

$1200 plus GST


Single Sessions

  • powerful coaching on the topic you want new insights around
  • accepting a role, leaving a job, starting something new, seeing possibilities...

1 telephone or face to face session

$300 plus GST


Real change happens when you bring information to life.  The learning you do will be practical, contextualised, relevant to your situation, and generously supported.  Your career coach, Katherine, becomes a resource for you every step of the way.  Your number 1 fan and encourager, she expects and keeps you accountable to be your best.

Just engaging Katherine is no magic wand.  You need to commit to the work, which includes reflection, research and creation that may be in the order of several hours a week.  You also need to bring an attitude of curiosity and openness to implement new habits, experiment with new approaches, be vulnerable, be authentic, seek answers yourself, be in the drivers seat with what you need, and give Katherine feedback on what works, or doesn’t work for you.

The need for you to step strongly into your career and make a difference is greater than ever.  Intelligent, insightful, generous, talented people falling through the cracks, not flourishing, overly struggling, or just not fitting is a waste we cannot afford.  A solution is possible.  

Are you ready?

Ideally you are supported by your workplace to undertake this work, and if your manager needs further information in regards to this investment let us know.  Alternatively, if you are funding this transformation yourself, go you!

Completion of all programs opens access to an eCourse on Future Proofing Your Career along with subscription to bi-weekly articles with ideas and actions for career success.  You will also gather many other resources and tools as we go along.

*Combine Job Application and Interview for a 10% discount

Contact me for an initial discussion about the benefit you will gain

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