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Career cALM

Choose to flourish and have impact in your career.


It is natural to hit a spot in your career, especially a leadership career, where you start to ask questions.  Questions such as: Why?; What is it for?; Do I care enough about this?; What next?...

Unresolved, these questions hamper the level of impact you have.  Successfully navigated they lead to clarity of vision, authentic leaders, and calm flourishing careers.

The three to five month Career CALM program helps answer these questions.

CALM Program

Step by step, the Career CALM program is delivered through a variety of mediums including 20+ activities, seven one on one coaching sessions, individualised actions, readings, and a range of online resources.

An unprecedented level of support is provided to deliver outcomes and insights that include:

  • Clarity in understanding current career patterns and navigating the complexity of modern career envirionments 
  • A process for ongoing career development to maintain career relevance and recognition
  • Understanding and maximising the 8 Markers of a Flourishing Career
  • Identification of barriers that sabotage and undermine career thinking
  • Identification of core moves to accelerate career progression
  • Personalised and authentic selection success strategies
  • Alignment of career with values
  • Documented knowledge of your skills and how to leverage these into the future
  • Crafting of current roles for better alignment with strengths and potential
  • Design thinking approach to career development
  • An expanded, strong and more targeted professional network, including mentors and sponsors
  • Capacity to continually measure progress in the areas that matter

You will know yourself and your potential in ways that make it easy for you to communicate these to others.

You will be able to make career decisions based on a set of criteria that bring you confidence and clarity in your career decision making.

You will be able to support the careers of those you lead because you understand the fundamentals that lead to career flourishing.


Allow your career to get the exponential growth from investing in flourishing it - if not now, then when?

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