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Wheel of Career Flourishing

19 January 2021

In my book - In the Loop of a Flourishing Career - I outline eight key markers I have seen in the careers of people who say their career is flourishing.

They report they predominantly have positive emotions at the end of a day of work. POSITIVE EMOTIONS
They are regularly engaged in, even lost in, activities they undertake at work. ENGAGEMENT
They work with people who they care about and who care about them. RELATIONSHIPS
They know that what they do benefits something bigger that they care about. MEANING
They have a sense of achievement and feel they are making progress. ACHIEVEMENT
They regular make proactive decisions in service of their career. DECISIONS
They report that there is a good fit between their work and other areas of their life.  FIT
They continue to learn and develop their skill to do better and better work.  LEARNING
To what degree do you mark your career a flourishing one?  

Reflect on each of the 8 markers and give yourself a score out of 10 for each.  Then transfer this score onto the Wheel of Career Flourishing.  This visual image of how much and of where your career is flourishing helps in the bigger picture of sense making you can make about your career.

Wheel of Flourishing

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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