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Value your Values

7 March 2024

Decision making is the heartbeat of a flourishing career.  Being clear, confident, purposeful, and timely in making career decisions is a central career skill (up there with knowing how to use Office).  In fact, it's often the lack of timely decisions that stalls a career and leaves people trapped in a state of limbo.  

Beyond the many tools and techniques I've shared previously on this blog lies the fact that our values are the compass that guides our every move and our every decision.

So, let's embark on a voyage through the landscape of values over the next few posts.  We'll delve into what makes values truly core, how misalightmt can throw us off course, and the art of syncing personal values with those of our organisations.  Moreover, we'll explore practical strategies for embodying our values in everyday life.  

But before we delve deeper, we must first illuminate the path by clarifying our own values.  Here's a roadmap to get you started.

Cast the Net Wide
Look at the list of values below.  Over a couple of sessions identify twenty that are important to you.  Add your own as they come to mind.  Jot down twenty values that speak to you.  Set them aside for a couple of days and let them marinate in your subconscious.
Distill the Essence
After a break, return to your list with fresh eyes.  Now, it's time to distill the essence.  Group similar values together and give each cluster a name.  Then, with a discerning eye, prime away the less essential, leaving behind a bouquet of six core values.  

This is where the magic happens.  As you sift through your short list, pay attention to moments when these values have guided you.  Reflect on instances where your values have whispered direction, or even shouted at you to watch out!  
In the next blog we'll dive deeper into a litmus test for your chosen values.  We'll ensure that they aren't just fleeting preference but enduring pillars to guide you.  

Your values are not just words on paper.  They truly are a lighthouse guiding your journey through the journey that is your career (and, let's face it, your life).  And the research backs this up.  Here is just a taste of some findings:

  • When individuals align their work with their personal values they experience higher levels of motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Individuals aware of their values make career choices that lead to long-term satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • Individuals whose work aligns with their values have higher levels of engagement and are assessed as having higher levels of performance.
  • Values knowledge protects individuals from burnout and leaves them better equipped to navigate setbacks and persevere in the pursuit of goals.
  • A senses of shared values leads to improved collaboration and communication among team members, and contributes to a sense of belonging.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.

Abundance  Acceptance  Accuracy  Achievement  Activism  Adaptability  Advancement  Adventure  Aesthetics  Affection  Agility  Altruism  Ambition  Animal rights  Appreciation  Art  Attention to detail  Authenticity  Authority  Autonomy  Balance  Beauty  Belonging  Benevolence  Bravery  Boldness  Calmness  Candour  Caring  Challenge  Change  Charity  Citizenship  Cleanliness  Cleverness  Collaboration  Community  Commitment  Compassion  Competence  Competition  Communication  Composure  Contribution  Control  Consistency  Contentment  Cooperation  Courage  Courtesy  Creativity  Credibility  Cultural diversity  Curiosity  Daring  Decisiveness  Dedication  Democracy  Determination  Development  Devotion  Difference  Diversity  Dreams  Drive  Efficiency  Empathy  Empowerment  Environment  Ethics  Equality  Excitement  Experimentation  Expertise  Exploring  Fashion  Fairness  Faith  Fame  Family  Feminism  Financial security  Fidelity  Flexibility  Focus  Forgiveness  Frankness  Freedom  Friendship  Fun  Generosity  Global awareness  Global peace  Giving  Gratitude  Greatness Growth  Happiness  Harmony  Having a say  Health  Helping others  Honesty  Honour  Hope  Humour  Imagination  Impact  Independence  Indulgence  Influence  Inner harmony  Innovation  Inspiring others  Integrity  Intelligence  Joy  Justice  Kindness  Knowledge  Laughter  Leadership  Learning  Leisure  Liberty  Literature  Love for myself  Love for others  Loyalty  Making a difference  Meaning  Morality  Merit  Mindfulness  Moderation  Music  Natural living  Nature  Neatness  Nurve  Openness  Optimism  Order  Originality  Partnership  Passion  Patience  Patriotism  Peace  Persistence  Personal expression  Personal growth  Perspective  Persuasion  Physical prowess  Play  Pleasure  Poise  Popularity  Politeness  Positiveness  Power  Pragmatism  Precision  Prestige  Privacy  Professionalism  Progress  Punctuality  Quality of life  Quiet times  Rationality  Reality  Reason  Reflection  Recognition  Relationships  Reliability  Religion  Reputation  Respect  Responsibility  Restraint  Results  Resourcefulness  Risk taking  Sacrifice  Safety  Security  Self-awareness  Self-control  Self-direction  Self-respect  Sensuality  Serenity  Service  Sociability  Spirituality  Spontaneity  Silliness  Simplicity  Stability  Status  Strength  Structure  Stimulation  Story telling  Style  Success  Support  Surprise  Synergy  Talent  Teamwork  Temperance  Thankfulness  The big picture  Thinking time  Thoroughness  Tidiness  Time freedom  Tolerance  Tradition  Transparency  Tranquillity  Trust  Truth  Understanding  Uniqueness  Unity  Utility  Valour  Variety  Vigour  Vision  Warmth  Wealth  Winning  Wisdom  Wonder

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