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Is your reputation doing its work?

3 October 2022

Knowing your own reputation is invaluable when you are a candidate for a role, especially if you are an internal candidate.

Your job interview is not confined to the time you are in front of the employer.  The echo of your reputation precedes you and lingers once your interview is over.

Long before you meet and interact with anyone, your reputation has done a lot of work to determine how your interactions will go.  Similarly, after meeting and interacting with others, you leave echos that feed into either consolidating or changing your reputation.

Your reputation is not defined by you, it is determined by others in reaction to how consistently you behave and the level of trust they have in you.


If you are an external candidate you often have the luxury of starting with a clean slate, so be intentional about the reputation you want to create.

As an internal candidate work to know your reputation long before a selection so you are sure it is not undermining you.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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