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Pause before sending that job application...

3 December 2018

You have slaved over your writing, stayed up late, written then re-written, edited till the words are swimming before your eyes, you have checked then double-checked spelling.  Most likely you are over this job application, but even though you are sick of the sight of it before sending it off pause and do just one more thing.

Take just a little extra time and effort to give it the same look and feel as your résumé. Bring it together as a whole package.  Have your application, résumé, cover letter and any other documents presented with the same font(s), the same heading style, margins, headers and footers.  

It is a small thing, but it communicates care and attention to detail.  Those reading your application will sub-consciously appreciate it.  And of course, you will know, and the pride you have in the product you are presenting will increase.  That product, of course, is you.

As always wishing you a flourishing career.


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