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Nuanced Interview Emotions

5 May 2020

Most people find job interviews at least a little scary or nerve-racking. 

If you are someone who finds them more than just a little disquieting here is a little research based process to employ.

Sometime before the interview make a very specific list of the things you know you feel in the moments before an interview.  Go beyond the high order feelings such as nervous or anxious and get nuanced about what it is you are scared or anxious about.  Maybe it is your voice shaking as you talk, or having sweaty palms, or fumbling your words, or not having enough to say, or a combination of several things.  Make the list as long and specific as you can.  Research shows that the more precise you get a funny thing happens.  It has the effect of lessening the feelings you have.

Then with your more specific list you can then look for the small things you can do to combat what is worrying you. 

Voice shaking - posture helps here, so drop your shoulders and breath deeper before speaking.
Sweaty palms - try a spray of antiperspirant before the interview.
Fumbling your words - pause before answering and take a breath.  It is also good to have practiced your interview stories.
Not having enough to say - do good interview preparation.  Below is a list of prior articles I have written on the things you can do.
Don't wait for an interview to give this a try.  Identify any situation that heightens 'negative' emotions and work on being more nuanced in your understanding about what you are really concerned about.  The practice you do outside of job interview situations will pay off in the next role you interview for.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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