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Changing with a New Job

10 March 2022

Starting a new job can bring a bag full of mixed emotions.  It is exciting and nerve-racking.  It is full of potential and there are hidden pot holes to stumble into.  There is lots to learn, and so much of your past wisdom that you have to call upon.

Each time you start a new job it is inevitable that you change.  A new job is seen as a fresh start.  This is a great opportunity.  Research shows that the more intentionality you bring to the changes that are going to happen anyway, the more successful you will be in the new role.

To kick off the start of intentional changes when you commence in a new role (this can also be in a new internal role) ask yourself how your career needs you to change.  A useful way to do this is to use your imagination and project yourself forward five years in your career, then from that vantage point look back at the ways you developed.

Intentionally changing your network when you start a new role is another area to look at.  The people who surround your career play an important part in exposing you to ideas and other people, encouraging your potential, having expectations, and influencing you.  While I don't 100% agree with the saying, the concept of motivational speaker Jim Rohn that "you are the product of the product of the five people you spend the most time with" is something to consider when you start a new role.

A third area of change to consider is your habits.  Neuroscience tells us that our mind hates, and actively resists, changing habits, but happily and greedily adopts new habits.  When everything is changing with a new role and old habits are no longer supported by old structures it is a wonderful time to put in place new habits that will be in service of your long term career aspirations.  So carefully curate your time in the first month or so of being in a new role so you lay the foundation for good new habits.  For example, consider putting in new supportive sage habits with a program such as the Mental Fitness program.

As always wishing you a flourishing career


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