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Résumé Links

20 May 2019

“A picture is worth a thousand words” Frederick Barnard


A cool little hack to boost the value of your résumé to a potential employer is to include hyperlinks to great work you have done.

Part of a project that produced a great report – include a link
Contributed articles or blog items to your business intra/internet – include a link
Part of an event that has an online record – include a link
Monitor and contribute to the online presence of your organisation – include a link
Attended recent conference(s) - include a link
Posted thoughtful articles on LinkedIn – include a link.  In fact, have a professional, well curated presence on LinkedIn anyway and be part of well reputed Groups.

Provide links to the web sites of companies you have worked with and organisations you have been a member of.  Let employers see the richness of the contributions you make.

Your online footprint is inevitably crating a picture of you that employers can, and do, survey - even public sector employers.  Help them sort the useful info from the noise by intentionally directing them to the online information that provides evidence of the value you produce.

Also check your online presence for information that could be damaging.  Google yourself from a friends device.  If you find anything that does not authentically reflect who you are take action – un-tag photos, delete posts, change your privacy settings, and if needed use a professional process/app to clean up your digital presence.



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