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Let People Know What You Do

25 November 2020

My greengrocer did a lovely thing the other day.  I purchased some organic granny smith apples and because they were a little on the small side he kindly gave them to me at the price of non-organic apples.  It happened fast, and given the few I was buying I wouldn't have noticed, but with a smile he let me know what he had done.  It was just a little act, but it made my day.

The cheaper price was kind, but the more generous act was that of letting me know what he had done.  If he hadn't told me I wouldn't have got the buzz from his kindness.

Career can be like this.  Often we achieve things, make things better for others, fix things, improve things, give added value and expect that others will notice.  Most of the time they don't.

People are busy, they expect things to work, and only notice when they don't.  They expect things to be done well, and for incremental improvements to occur.  Most people don't pause and look for the added value they have been given.

Be kind and let them know.  Point out the added value you have given.  Elaborate on the extra features you added.  Mention the extra hours you put in to meet the deadline.

It serves a 2 for 1.

They get to experience gratitude, you get to claim your achievements in service of your career.

And an extra bonus is that the more comfortable and natural you get at speaking your achievements the better you will be able to speak them in selection processes.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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