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Immediately Before the Interview

29 September 2020

There are lots of things you can do to prepare for an interview:

  • identify potential question topics
  • know your perspective of these topics
  • know the stories of you at your best
  • prepare a closing statement of why you are a great candidate
  • have genuinely curious future focused questions to ask
  • engage in positive self talk
  • familiarise yourself with the logistics of when, where and how to get there
  • polish your appearance
  • and of course, you should have as deep a knowledge of the role as you can get

But in the immediate moment before you step into the interview (or any other high stakes situation) pause and intentionally remind yourself to bring the best version of yourself forward.  

Do this by engaging your physiology.  Consciously stand tall, loosen and drop your shoulders, lift your chest, smile, and breathe deeply.

Take that moment to switch on the best version of you.  It is called priming.  Peak athletes do it before competing, actors do it before performing, and we can can all do it before any important moment.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.



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