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Frameworks for Answering Interview Questions

29 February 2024

Make sure to go into your next job interview with the support of a framework you have practiced using so you can frame your answers to interview questions.

A good framework channels your thinking, keeps you organised and on track, and helps people understand what you are saying.  It also makes sure you don't leave important things out, and it supports you to sound coherent.  The use of a framework also sets up a familiar pattern that helps people know what to expect and has them like you more.  It also gives your confidence a boost.

If you don't consciously plan to, and support yourself to use a framework chances are you will leave valuable information on the table.

Here are some frameworks.


Y = Your Perspective on the topic of the question
E = What the Employer needs and why they are asking the question
S = A Story where you have done the topic of the question well in the past (tell this using STAR)
Me = What you will bring to the future of the role


S = Situation - the dilemma
T = Task - what you had to do
A = Action - how you did what you did
R = Result - of your actions


C = Circumstances - who, what, when, where, dilemma
A = Action - what you did and how you did it
R = Result - of your actions


1st Tell = Tell them what you will tell them
2nd Tell = Tell them in detail
3rd Tell = Tell them what you told them


P = Project - what needed to be achieved
E = Execution - how you approached the project
P = Performance - a review of how you performed 
A good model also acts as a preparation tool and it helps you review the practice you do.

A simple trick is to write the framework you are using on a page in a notebook you take into the interview. It can then act as a visual checklist as you answer questions.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


*When you work with me on interview techniques we go deeply into the YESMe and 3Tells frameworks as these support stronger and more persuasive answers.

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