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EPIC Principles for Answering Interview Questions

10 March 2022

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”  Eugene Jonesco


It is unfortunate that the quality of the questions you are likely to be asked in an interview will vary, and often you will be asked poor questions.   Every question though needs to be seen as an opportunity for you to give the interviewer an insight into your potential.

To help you do this I have developed 8 Principles for giving EPIC answers to interview questions:


= Elevated and Evidenced

Elevate their question to the most powerful version of it.  See the value of the question to them and to you.

Include evidence in your answer not just motherhood statements.  Give them specifics.


P = Positive and Paced

Assume the most positive frame for the question.  This is regardless of how it is worded.  Reframe negative questions to the core topic.

Pace your answers, no rushing.  Give the question the time it deserves.


I = Insight and Imperfect

Give them an insight into your thinking.  Let them see inside your head and your heart. I teach how to do this in my interview coaching program.

There is no perfect answer, there is just your answer, so make it as full an answer as you can.


C = Close and Candid

Bring your answer close rather than keep it distant.  Use “I and me” not “you and them”.

Be authentic and genuine.  Create connection not perfection.


As always wishing you a flourishing career




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