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Know what differentiates you

20 February 2023

Ask yourself what it is you will bring to the role that is unique to you - that is quirky about you.  This is not what you are better at than other applicants, or what you do that is of higher quality.  It is what you, and only you, offer.

Think about what differentiates you like this:


The bottom left hand box of the above diagram shows everyone who applies for the role.  Everyone will have the same types of knowledge, skill, experience and qualifications. 

Some people will have skills and experience that of a quality that is above standard. These are the people who sort out to the top left hand box.

Other people will have knowledge and qualifications that are of a quality that has them stand out.  These are the people in the bottom right hand box.

The top right hand box is what you are looking for to describe what really differentiates you.  

In a selection process let the employer know about the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications you have that are of equal or even better quality that all the other applicants, but additionally make sure they know what it is about you that they won't get with any other applicant.

Here is an exercise you can do to help you find your differentiators.

As always, wishing you a flourishing career.


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