People flourish through job success

The fact is, everyone is in sales.  Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.

Jay Abraham

You have to be able to sell yourself to have ongoing career success.

Too many great people miss out on the opportunities they are a perfect fit for because they are unable to sell themselves in their job applications and/or job interviews.  And applying for jobs and performing in interviews is all about selling yourself.

The specialist expertise of People Flourishing supports people to write compelling job applications and to connect convincingly in job interviews takes most people from being hopefuls to being assured and confident.  

I have sat with hundreds of people teaching them how to present (on paper and in person) not just their experience, but also their potential, and to come across as articulate and convincing candidates who naturally fit the role. 

In your workplace, in addition to working one on one with your people, People Flourishing runs training for small groups that range from 2 hours to full days in all topics relevant to success in the job application process, including:

For you individually, one one one coaching will take you through the whole job application process providing targeted advice, reviews of your written documentation (including a resume revamp), and interview coaching.


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